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Are you satisfied with the current solution or are you looking for a change?

In some cases, we have seen Educational Institutes coming forward for developing a whole new Education or University Management System from scratch though they had previously onboarded ready-to-made products. Because when it comes to scalability in most cases ready-made software cannot provide all the required portion of their need in the first place. Due to a fixed module or lack of academic domain knowledge, the current vendor can’t redesign the software if the university changes its policy. Therefore, it creates a situation where the university is handicapped and cannot provide the customization they require.

This is why we highly recommend that universities develop their own customized software based on their requirements. So that it can be developed in a way that is dynamic and can be scaled to any extent. Smart Campus" is a solution that will be able to provide exactly what you are looking for.


The right time to onboard Smart Campus.?

  • If you think your existing solution requires more time for data collection and paperwork work.
  • If your current solution or process is not integrated. Or the university has to log in to multiple accounts.
  • A solution that requires more manpower and is more dependent.
  • When the Management wants to communicate with all users on a single platform.
  • If the university wants to manage its resources effectively and efficiently.
  • When there is a sense believe that a smart solution will certainly increase the brand value of the university.

Do you want a smart solution for your university?

“Smart Campus” Software is complete education management software for universities. It covers the whole life cycle of students from admission to graduation. It also makes university authorities more efficient than traditional methods, thus reducing manpower and time. It further helps other departments like Inventory, Hostel, Library and HRM also to make a university integrated and smart.

We have years of experience in the field of education management. Smart campus software is simple to use and more aesthetically pleasing. This university management software system combines decades of application expertise with the latest generation of university automation. Academic, Student, Administrative, Security, and other services can be managed and maintained from one database. The software is simple to use and more intuitive.

We Offer:
Academic Management:

Setup Academic Calendar

1Admission ModuleAdmission Circular
Applicant Portal
Applicant Portal
Admit Card
Payment Integration
Exam Seat Plan
Mark Upload
Student Selection
Admitted Student List
2SetupAcademic Calendar
Other configuration
Bill Setup
3RegistrationCourse and Syllabus Setup
Registration Setup
Pre Requisite and Equivalent and Credit range Setup
Course Offer
Routine Creation
Student course offer
Advisor Portal
4AttendanceOnline Attendance
5Student billingStudent Billing
Scholarship , Instalment, waiver and discount management
Late fine and NC fine Generation
Online bank and gateway integration
6ExamAdmit Card
Seat Plan Generation
Mark Entry and Upload
Exam Result Publish and Process
Tabulation Sheet
Grade Report


Other Module


1Human Resource ManagementEmployee Information
Office, Designation Setup
Grade Scale Setup
Employee Leave Management
Provident Fund Management
Designation wise Extra Duty Assign
2PayrollEmployee Salary Item Assign
Addition and Deduction Setup
Employee Salary Generate
Single and Bulk Pay Slip
Bank Sheet
3InventoryItem Register
Item Tracking
4AccountingCore Accounts
Accounting Tree as Per UGC
Trial Balance
Other Reporting

Smart Campus can be tailored to meet your needs. It also shows you how to manage universities and other activities more efficiently.

Client Name:

  • Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)
  • Notre Dame University of Bangladesh

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