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Smart CampusMedical College Management Solution

Medical College Management Solution

Smart Campus’s Medical College Management Solution revolutionizes the way medical colleges and other relevant educational institutions conduct their academic and administrative processes. By tapping into the opportunities offered by this highly sophisticated yet user-friendly digital solution, Medical colleges are capable of systemic automation of several tasks traditionally overseen manually.

From administrating school-wide admissions to individual facets of student information management, Smart Campus revolutionizes the potentiality of expanding smoother operations uniquely embedded in the educational dynamics of medical colleges. With aspects like term exams, registration, and specialised professional exams fitting perfectly into this robust platform, the duties are effectively streamlined under a single umbrella, enhancing accuracy and reducing time and effort investment.

Simultaneously, it serves a significant benefit to the students, affording them a simpler interface with college administrative affairs, and enabling them to retrieve crucial records, make necessary applications and follow through updates precisely and timely. Consequently, administrators also find Smart Campus invaluable, as the perk of enhancing structure in administrative practices abundantly reduces workload and ushers in a smoother, ably-run administration.

The Smart Campus program, thus, salubriously links numerous functions into a singular framework, promoting effective coalescence of connectivity in the operational administration for medical educational bodies, thereby encouraging overall efficiency.

Basic Features for MBBS Course:

  • Student Yearly Term Registration
  • Student Billing
  • Online Attendance System
  • Exam Management
  • Admit Card Management
  • Seat Plan Management
  • Exam Mark Entry
  • Exam Mark Publish
  • Professional or Course exam management
  • Automatic exam eligibility checks
  • Various dynamic reports & configurable options
  • Easy online/manual automate payment collection system
  • Online bank, bkash, rocket, visa/Master integrated


Admission Management

  • Online medical student admission application
  • Online medical college form submission and download
  • Applicant’s photo & document upload option
  • Auto fees, payment slip generate
  • Check eligibility for admission
  • Admit card from online
  • Automatic seat plan generation
  • Publish MBBS admission result online
  • Short listing of candidates
  • Quota management
  • Auto roll number generate
  • Issue Id card/library card


Teacher Online Portal

  • Medical teacher information record
  • RFID/biometric attendance record
  • Update profile, photo & CV
  • Class attendance
  • View/upload notice
  • Course materials/assignments/notes/grades upload
  • Online leave application and approvals
  • Payroll application
  • View salary history, leave history
  • Salary history, pay slip print


MBBS Exam Management

  • MBBS exam schedule setup
  • Create exam routine
  • Auto eligibility check for exams
  • Auto Seat Plan Generation
  • Exam Seat Plan Report
  • Students count reports
  • Result processing pass/fail
  • Publish result online
  • Print and publish certificate, official/unofficial transcript, and grade report
  • Send final result to guardian by sms/email